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I'm Harriet, founder of Easthope, established in 2021 to counter high-street fashion's disposable nature. We craft curated collections that defy throwaway culture, including bespoke designs and unique deadstock vintage pieces. My creative journey began in a household rich in arts and music, inspiring my lifelong passion for jewellery.
At Easthope, we prioritise sustainability, producing limited runs and made-to-order collections to minimise waste. Our packaging is reusable and recyclable. Each piece is handcrafted using durable materials like gold and glass, and we incorporate vintage elements to further reduce our impact.
Our first collection was warmly received, and we continue to create unique, high-quality jewellery. Each piece tells a story, celebrating imperfection and individuality. Join us in challenging fashion norms and enjoy personalised, meaningful designs.
With Big Love,
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