The Easthope Studio Ring Size Guide

Here are some easy steps to figure out your ring size. Use the Easthope Studio Ring Size Guide to help get the perfect fit! 

If you've already got a ring that fits just right, grab that sucker and a ruler. Pop the ring onto the ruler and measure the inside diameter, the space you can see through when you look inside. Then, compare that measurement to the 'diameter' in our handy-dandy chart below to find your perfect fit:

Size UK Size US Size Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm)
XS J 1/2 5 15.7 49.2
S L 1/2 6 16.5 52.4
M N 1/2 7 17.3 54.0
L P 1/2 8 18.1 57.2
XL R 1/2 9 19 58.7


If you don't have a ring handy, don't worry. You can still find your size by measuring the circumference of your finger.

Here's what you'll need: a piece of string or paper, a pen, and a ruler.

Wrap that string or paper around the base of your finger, nice and snug - but make sure it also can move over your knuckle. Mark where the end overlaps to make a full circle. Then, grab your ruler and measure from the starting point to your mark. Boom, that's your finger's circumference!

Now, take that measurement and compare it to the 'circumference' row in our chart above to find your closest match.

If you have a printer you can also download our printable paper ring sizers there are instructions on the guide! 

If there is a size you dont see - we have more sizes available and can make to order, just drop us a message