Created by Harriet, Easthope Studio was founded during a period when there was time focus on a passion. 

Easthope is a small village in Shropshire and my maternal ancestral home - it is also a middle name that has been passed down for generations.

Taking of the middle name is something I have chosen to adopt as part of the latest hoops collections. Using the middle name of the women who stand by and inspire me each day. My family and chosen family. 

I have been creating jewellery since fo the age of 7, creating pieces from sea glass, The Brighton Bead Shop and scouring charity shops. Things I would gift to friends and family - but never sung about. 
My aim is to create pieces that are to be treasured, using eco or recycled base metals whenever possible. I want to create pieces to replace the cheap pieces of the high street. Holding a style focus rather than trends and offering pieces to create small, personally curated collections with the ethos of buying less and buying better. 

I use only recycled, recyclable and re-usable materials in all the packaging. 

Welcome to Easthope. 



Photo by Grace Bolzoni