Easthope was established in 2021, aiming to challenge the disposable nature of high-street fashion. Our ethos centres on crafting thoughtful, curated collections that stand in contrast to today's throwaway culture.

As we evolved, we expanded our range to include bespoke designs and unique deadstock vintage pieces, even broadening our expertise to the art of glass lampwork.

Our background is steeped in creativity. Brought up in a household where the arts and music were always celebrated, the environment was rich in inspiration. Whilst my dad built an enviable collection of records for our jukebox, my mum provided an array of beads, paints, fabric and stencils, enabling us to express our creativity freely.

Among various artistic pursuits, jewellery has consistently captivated our interest. From the age of seven, handmade pieces were frequently gifted to friends and family, making it a constant passion in our creative journey.

Committed to sustainability, we produce in limited runs and concentrate on made-to-order collections, minimising waste in the process. Moreover, all our packaging and postage materials are both reusable and recyclable.

Our inaugural collection, produced in limited quantities, was warmly received by our Instagram followers, friends and family—much as it has always been. We are thrilled to welcome you into the Easthope community!