🍒🍌🍅🌽 Pick Your Own Fruit and Veg - Our fruit and vegetable glass charm earrings.

🍒🍌🍅🌽 Pick Your Own Fruit and Veg - Our fruit and vegetable glass charm earrings.

One of my favourite things about traveling is going to the markets, the flea, flower and food markets, especially.

They give you the best overview of a places culture, through the food, the human interactions, the branding and different types of bags used to wrap things up. Stripped blue and red plastic or crinkly brown bags. I love seeing all the different branding and packaging on fruit and veg boxes. Side note - did you know that people collect the different Chiquita Banana stickers? They are designed to be collected!


One of my first memories of a food market overseas was Barcelona market where I went for a badly judged kiwi juicy that made my mouth itch. And where my sister bit down hard on my elbow because she through it was the end of the baguette I was holding.

Or Brixton market where we would go when we would stay with my sister, the hustle and bustle, cows feet being at eye level, the live crabs ready to nip your nose, the Guinness cake and mango punch, the biggest avocados I'd every seen.

Buying a punnet of the juiciest peaches, easting them whilst walking down the highroad juice dripping down you chin, down your elbow for it to be whipped off quickly by my older sister before jumping on the 159. But my wrist would stick to the scratchy bus seat, and I would feel bad for the person getting on after me as they hadn't been able to enjoy the delicious fruit but be left to endure the sticky juice left by my 7 year old fingers on the bus.

And now I find myself Shrewsbury indoor market, where the fruit and veg traders have been there for years, selling beautiful fruit and veg, where it possible to take your time, buy exactly what you need, knowing your getting the very best, support local people. Where picking what you’re going to eat becomes more of a hobby and less of chore.


The pick your own fruit and veg are reminiscent of all these feelings, the first bite of the seasons tomatoes, the first nibble of chilli and the newly dubbed cherry eating t-shirt because it is speckled like Portuguese pottery with cherry juice.

Handcrafted with care, each piece captures the essence of these vibrant markets. With each one sold separately you can pick the right size, shape and colour for you, just like the real thing. Made with Murano Glass these fruit charms are the perfect thing to mix and match, and make a really great gift for anyone who is a food lover, passionate home cook, frequent traveler or the allotment lover! 

Image of Pick your own - Glass Fruit and Vegetables
You can find us the first Saturday of each month in Shrewsbury Indoor Market.
Big love, 
Harriet xx
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