Caring for your Easthope Studio pieces

Keep the Shine! 

At Easthope Studio, we believe in preserving the brilliance of your treasures. With our pieces being designed for your everyday we make them to last - but there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Nurturing the Gold Glow

To maintain the luster of your gold-plated treasures a gentle touch is recommend.  A soft microfibre cloth is your golden ticket to polished brilliance. Avoid harsh chemicals or 'dip' polishes as this can do more harm than good. You may find that just by keeping them in the Easthope pouch keeps them clean!

Handling Murano Glass Elegance

For all our glass jewelerry - like all glass, if dropped may break. Handle with care, as they may break if met with an unexpected drop. Embrace their individuality; each piece has its own distinct character so may vary in size and shape. 

Cherishing Vintage

Vintage pieces, with stories whispered through time, deserve a special touch. Treat them as the treasures they are, appreciating the patina that adds to their allure. Gently clean with a soft cloth and relish the timeless beauty of these vintage gems.

Caring for Clasps

Just as every detail enhances a masterpiece, clasps play a crucial role. Handle with care, inspect regularly, and appreciate their unique design. Watch and learn more about earring clasps in our insightful Instagram video here.

How to Keep it Gleaming:

  • Polishing: Gently polish your gold-plated treasures with a microfibre cloth.
  • Gemstone Guardianship: Never fully submerge gemstones; shield them from extremes in light and darkness. Store in a sealed container or our exclusive pouch. Avoid chemical cleaners.
  • Vintage Elegance: Treat vintage pieces with reverence; a soft cloth is all they need to preserve their timeless charm.
  • Clasp Confidence: Master the art of handling clasps with care and appreciation.

Deep Dive into Radiance:

  1. Step 1: For a deep clean, use a specialist jewellery cloth or a high-quality microfibre cloth.
  2. Step 2 - Golden Goddess Ritual: No harsh chemicals; let your gold-plated beauties bask in their natural glow.
  3. Step 3 - Silver Siren's Serenade: Carefully clean silver pieces with a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water. Gently pat dry with a soft cloth.

At Easthope Studio, we cherish your connection with our pieces. While we don't offer re-plating services, these care tips are your compass to keep your jewellery, whether contemporary or vintage, sparkling through the seasons. Illuminate every moment with the radiance you deserve.

Additional Care Tips:

All Easthope pieces are made from natural materials, prone to tarnish if not cared for correctly. Follow these tips to keep your treasures at their best:

  • Keep your jewellery away from extreme temperatures, humidity, and sunlight.
  • Avoid spraying perfume, applying creams, or any other liquids directly onto your jewellery.
  • Remove when showering, bathing, swimming, exercising, and sleeping.
  • Always store your jewellery pieces individually, preferably in your Easthope Studio pouch, to prevent rubbing, scratching, or tangling. (These are great when travelling!) 

Each piece comes in a sustainable pouch and recyclable box.