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Charms - Vintage - Gold Heart

Charms - Vintage - Gold Heart

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Beautiful vintage deadstock charm made of 18k  gold-plated brass. Limited to only 4 pieces! So add two to your basket if you would like a pair of earrings. 

Add to your Easthope Paper Clip Chain, our Everyday hoops or something you own yourself.

Gold plated brass -  choose between a carabiner clip or earrings - all come with our Easthope Eco-travel pouch - always letterbox-friendly postage. 

Or add to our Simple Beaded Snake Layering Necklace 

What is vintage deadstock? 

Deadstock or dead stock refers to pieces that have never been sold and were often left over due to too much production, business closing down or have simply been forgotten about. 

Finding deadstock can be really rare, it is essentially finding brand new items, that have never been worn or loved, from another decade. These pieces are rare and I have managed to find small numbers of each, in some cases just one of these charms. Meaning they are very special, unique, and one of a kind meaning the charm necklace you select will be wholly unique to you. A true expression of yourself and your style. 

All of these pieces were made between the 1920-the early 1990s, meaning that some of these are not just vintage but antique. They are gold-plated brass which means they are as kind to your skin as real gold. Like all precious treasures they require looking after, so make sure you take them off before sleeping, exercising and bathing and avoid spraying perfume on them. I recommend keeping them stored in your Easthope Studio Eco packaging to keep them looking their absolute best. 

We love deadstock as it means that nothing new has been made. We handpick each of these pieces making sure they are the best quality and style. 

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